Xbox One Controller Charging Station Cradle Stand With 2 USB Charger Docks, White

  • $16.95

An Xbox One docking station has never looked this cool. Not only is this white Dual Controller Charging Dock for the Xbox One a design statement for any room, but it also does an excellent job at charging your Xbox One controllers for those important game sessions.



  • Optimally designed for Xbox One controllers (new and old), allowing you to securely store and charge up to two controllers simultaneously without having to connect them to your Xbox One console. Not compatible with Xbox 360 controller.
  • Docking Station is powered through the USB port from either the Xbox One console or PC, or from any power adapter
  • Connecting the USB cable (comes with package) allows charging of controllers while they’re being used
  • Full charge can be completed within two hours when charging one single controller and within 4 hours when charging two controllers
  • Distinct dual-colored LED light indicator shows charge status


  • Xbox one has 2 types of battery (see seventh picture). This Xbox One charging station is only compatible with the type 2 battery, while the Xbox One triangular charging station is only compatible the type 1 battery. 
  • Package only comes with 1 Charging Dock and 1 USB Cable -- Does not include any Xbox One controllers 

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