Minimalist Large Gaming Mouse Pad (Mat) With Locking Edge

  • $3.99

Ask any PC gamer and they will tell you that a quality mouse pad is a must have for a quality gaming experience. With our minimalist large gaming mouse pad featuring stitched locking edges, you have a selection of quality-built, different-sized mats to choose from.


  • Professional Gaming Mouse Pad: Optimized for fast movement while maintaining excellent SPEED and CONTROL during gaming. Offers consistent interaction, predictable control performance and precise aiming thanks to silky smooth surface for your mouse sensors
  • Durable, Professional Construction & Stitching: Made from high-quality, non-slip rubber, mouse pad gaming accessory will last a long time and has stitched locking edges that ensure it will not fray or fall apart like other mouse pads
  • Incredible Large Pad: Mouse mat comes in several large sizes for your pro-style gaming or completing business tasks -- the extra-large mat, in particular, is large enough to fit your mouse, keyboard, and other gaming-related items!
  • Competitive Design Surface: Silky smooth cloth surface ensures the easiest mouse movements, quick and accurate control and best response times
  • Waterproof & Anti-Slip: Waterproof coating surface prevents damage from spilled drinks or food, as well as provide optimal surface for gaming sensors and less resistance than other mouse pads. Heavy duty anti-slip rubber backing secures pad in one place, preventing it from sliding or drifting around on your desktop while you’re using it

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