Height Adjustable Nintendo Switch Playstand

  • $14.95
  • Save $4

Products don’t get any hotter than the Nintendo Switch currently is, and we have a lot of the accessories you need to make it a complete gaming package. Our height adjustable Play Stand for the Nintendo Switch lets use the device in a stationary manner so that you can give your hands a rest.



  • Versatile: Can be used as stand for not only the Nintendo Switch, but also for smartphones and small tablets.
  • Adjustable: Adjustable design meets your personal requirements, offering different heights and angles while playing.
  • Durable and Supportive: Made of ABS, with two prongs to secure the Nintendo Switch in place and provide stability so that it doesn’t move around in the stand
  • Special: Easier charging for smoother, better game experience.
  • Convenient: Play Stand is compact, lightweight and foldable; easy to use and carry; can be stored in any bag or pocket

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