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The Japanese video game giant is by far the oldest company in gaming. September 23, 2019 marked the 130th birthday of Nintendo. The company...

PlayStation 4

Sony’s fourth-generation video game console has reached a new sales milestone in the US. The PlayStation 4 has shipped 100 million units worldwide, with the...



Minecraft is an old game, but a lot of people still play it regularly. I mean A Lot! Whereas most video games hit all...


This is a game you will gladly play more than once. CD Projekt has shed more light on Cyberpunk 2077, giving us a better...

Xbox One

It’s quite the way to take accountability for the errors of one’s ways. Those who suffered through the server issues that plagued the Gears...


One of the most popular games of this console generation has come to the Switch. Nintendo has officially announced Overwatch for the Switch. Dubbed...


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