Zangief Suplexes His Way Into Street Fighter 5, See His Trailer

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Zangief Street Fighter 5

The Russian Cyclone, Zangief, has finally entered Street Fighter V, laying waste to his opponents with crippling suplexes and other bone-breaking wrestling moves. R-Mika, your idol has arrived...

Zangief has added some new and interesting abilities his classic fighting style, making him deadlier than ever. His V-Skill is called Iron Muscle and allows him to toughen his body to absorb attacks. Hits leave him with recoverable health, while holding down MP and MK then pressing a direction lets him slowly approach his opponent. When those two buttons are released, Zangief flexes his muscles and actually hits the opponent doing so if close enough. ‘Cyclone Lariat’ is his V-Trigger, which allows him to spin quickly like a cyclone, pulling opponents in. He will continue to spin and dish out multi-hitting attack if the buttons are held. Watch Zangief in action in the trailer below and let us know what you think about his new gameplay design... [youtube]

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