You Can Now Drive Mercedes Cars in Mario Kart 8 [Video]

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Mercedes Cars Mario Kart 8 Mario Kart's first-ever DLC pack introduces to Mario Kart 8 a trio of go-karts inspired by Mercedes cars. You can download them for free. Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, the DLC consists of two classic and one modern Mercedes vehicles, in particular the 300 SL Roadster, W 25 Silver Arrow, and GLA crossover. Each vehicle feature will have their own in-game stats that affect how well they perform on the track. We recommend trying out the 300 SL; despite being an antique, it’s the sports car of the trio. Casual gamers will surely appreciate the novelty of being able to drive Mercedes cars in Mario Kart 8, but we get the feeling most enthusiasts will consider the idea a strange, unnecessary and even insulting. Regardless, the DLC is free and is not a mandatory download. RELATED STORY: Link, Villager, and Four New Cups Coming to Mario Kart 8 Watch the video below to see the Mercedes karts in action and let us know what you think. After you're done, make sure to read our thoughts on Mario Kart 8. [youtube]

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