Xbox One X Is The Fastest-Selling Xbox Pre-Order Ever

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Xbox One X Scorpio Edition

The Xbox One X is the fastest-selling pre-order of any other Xbox console in history, according to Microsoft.

The company revealed in a statement that the response was overwhelming just days after pre-orders went live, with the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition being sold out in “many countries” at record times.

The Xbox One X has been pre-ordered more than any other Xbox console in the five days since pre-orders went live. GameStop and Amazon also reported high numbers of pre-orders in mere days.

Microsoft is hoping the introduction of the Xbox One X will help close the gaping sales gap between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Will it succeed?

Where you one of the thousands who pre-ordered the one? If so, what are you looking forward to the most with regards to the Xbox One X? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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