Xbox One vs PS4 - Microsoft Outsold Sony on Black Friday

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ps4 vs xbox one Continuing our coverage of the ever-heated console war between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, new statistics have revealed that Microsoft outsold Sony on Black Friday. In fact, the Xbox One trounced the PS4 -- no contest! Although both consoles sold well, Xbox One sales accounted for 53 percent of total Black Friday retail sales -- nearly doubling the PS4's 31 percent share. The Xbox 360 took third place with 9 percent, followed by the Wii U with 6 percent and the PS3 with a paltry 1 percent. DON'T MISS: Xbox One Has Sold 10 Million Units, Catching Up to PS4 Fast Combining Xbox One sales with those of the Xbox 360, Microsoft claimed 62 percent of all Black Friday console sales, compared to Sony’s 32 percent. Xbox Games Marketing head Aaron Greenberg wasn't kidding when he tweeted “sales were incredible” on Black Friday... The study was carried out by research firm Info Scout and looked at only those consoles that were sold at retailers -- e.g. Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop and Target -- across the United States. The Xbox One’s dominance was attributed to its relatively low price of only $330 compared to the PS4′s regular price of $400, as well as its wider selection of bundled deals that included at least one game, with notables being Assassin’s Creed Unity, GTA 5 and The Last of Us: Remastered. ALSO READ: PS4 Sales Have Passed the Big 15 Million Units Mark Needless to say, Black Friday was once again big for the video game industry, and especially for Microsoft and its Xbox One bundles. However, this is just one battle of many to come in an escalating console war that currently has the PS4 in the lead. What console are you routing for to win the epic war -- PS4, Xbox One or even the Wii U? Reveal your allegiance, if any, in the comments below. Don't worry, we won't judge.

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