Xbox One Sales Reach All-Time Low in Japan, Only 100 Units Sold in One Week

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It’s no secret that Japanese gamers hate the Xbox brand. The Xbox 360 was an abysmal failure in the xenophobic country, and it looks the Xbox One will be an even bigger failure because its sales have officially reached an all-time low.

Prepare to be shocked: According to sales figures aggregated by Media Create, the Xbox One sold just 100 units for the week of June 8th to the 14th, a drop of over 50 percent from the 219 units it sold in the preceding week. By comparison, the Wii U and PS4, sold 16,413 and 10,822, respectively, effectively making the Xbox One vaporware. Things are so bad that even the older consoles continue to outsell it. The PS3 sold 2,633 units, the PS Vita TV pushed 566 units and the original 3DS managed to find 943 buyers. It’s a total bloodbath… It’s pretty obvious that there is virtually no hope for the Xbox One in Japan, but Microsoft probably doesn’t care considering how relatively insignificant and small the Japanese market is. The American company is making serious progress in more important markets like the US and Europe, although the PS4 is winning the worldwide console war by a large margin. Is there anything Microsoft can do to make the Xbox One a contender in Japan?

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