Xbox One Outsold PlayStation 4 in Sept, Third Month in a Row

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Xbox One S, controller

The Xbox One outsold the Playtation 4 in September 2016, marking the third straight month that Microsoft's gaming system beat the seemingly indomitable PS4.

While the console war is far from over, the release of the slimmer PlayStation 4 during the month wasn’t enough to slow down the Xbox One's sales momentum in the United States. Steep discounts on the original Xbox One had a lot to do with, but one can also argue that gamers found the sleeker, feature-rich Xbox One S as a better value proposition than the PS4 Slim. It must be noted that many PlayStation fans were likely saving their money for the 4K-capable PlayStation 4 Pro that releases in November. Moreover, summer and early fall only do a fraction of the sales that the video game industry usually sees in October, November and December -- the months corresponding with the holiday season, that is. In other words, the closing months of 2016 will be the best indicator of whether or not Microsoft is truly closing the huge sales gap enjoyed by Sony. Microsoft revealed to VentureBeat that, in addition to the United States, the Xbox One outsold the PlayStation 4 in the United Kingdom and Australia in September 2016, with Forza Horizon 3 being the best-selling first-party Xbox One game during the month.

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