Xbox One May Actually be More Popular than the PS4

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Xbox One, PS4 controllers After taking a serious beating in most of 2014, the Xbox One may actually be making a real comeback in its brutal console war against the PlayStation 4. Sony’s system was the sales champ for ten consecutive months until its win streak was broken in November in light of a slew of lucrative promotions and price cuts from Microsoft. Now according to the new data released by Google, gamers have been very interested in the Xbox One, particularly in the closing months of 2014. Microsoft’s gaming console managed to grab seventh place in the search giant’s top 10 trending consumer electronics list for 2014. That’s a lot of interested prospective buyers reading about what it has to offer... ALSO READ: Xbox One vs PS4 – Microsoft Outsold Sony on Black Friday Surprisingly, the PS4 failed to crack the top 10, despite being the more popular and better-selling console. What gives? It is worth mentioning that Google’s list pertains to global search results and not just those in the United States and Canada. Even so, the Xbox One ranked sixth in the U.S., while the PS4 was still nowhere to be seen. With Sony still leading the sales race by quite a large margin, do search results even matter? Only time will tell, seeing that both consoles have not been on the market all too long. The situation could very well change in the coming years. Sales aside, a slew of impending big exclusives for both the Xbox One and PS4 in 2015 means gamers, regardless of their system of choice, are in for a very entertaining year. What game(s) are you most looking forward to?

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