Xbox One is Doing Things That Can’t be Done on the PS4?

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While far from being the sales darling that the PlayStation 4 is, the Xbox One continues to be in the limelight as a result of a series of great announcements. It’s getting a release of steady exclusive games; has backwards compatibly with Xbox 360 games; and has essentially fused with Windows 10 PCs, thanks to cross-play and streaming between the two systems.

Microsoft has a lot to boast about... According to Xbox executive Kudo Tsunoda, all of the Xbox One’s unique features have added to the console doing much more than any other console can, including the PS4. He told the guys at
“For a long time we’ve had PC gamers and console gamers who weren’t really able to play together. That’s why Cross-Play is still such a powerful idea. You should be able to play what you love, and play together, regardless of what device you’re playing on. It’s about connecting people. “It’s a really unique value that only we can offer. You still need very gamer-focused values, but there’s lots of things you can do with our technology. We’ve really got a lot more going on [than our competitors]. We’re doing things that can’t be done on any other console.”
ALSO READ: Xbox Boss Doesn’t Want Xbox One Team to Worry About PS4 Sales What gamer doesn’t want to play games wherever they want and on whatever device they choose without a hassle? That’s what the Xbox team is aiming to accomplish... Even more important than those features, Tsunoda believes the Xbox One is way ahead of the competition in the all-important category of games:
“We’ve got a lot more exclusive games than any other platform. There’s a reason we’re able to put on two shows of content together. We’ve got seven exclusives coming this holiday, and then everything coming in 2016. Not just the blockbusters, but the ID@Xbox games, the indie games. We’re giving people a lot more.”
Do you agree with him? Is the Xbox One doing things that can’t be done by other consoles, especially the PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

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