Xbox One Gets Price Reduced to $250

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White Xbox One

To make room for the Xbox One S, Microsoft is clearing out its inventory of the original, 500GB Xbox One by cutting the console's price to $250 in the United States.

This represents the third price cut for the Xbox One – Microsoft brought the price down from $349 to $299 less than three months ago and further cut it by $20 in mid-June. The new price is applicable to the bundle models of the 500GB Xbox One, include games like Quantum Break, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Rare Replay. Hell, with some retailers offering further discounts, you can get it for an even lower price. Gamers in Canada and most of Europe also benefit from a similar cut. We don't expect the repeated price cuts to do much in the way of thwarting Sony’s dominance this console generation (the PS4 is still $349 and selling like hotcakes), but it should contribute to an uptick in overall Xbox One sales. Now that it's so affordable, would you buy the OG Xbox One or will you splurge a little extra on the smaller, sleeker and more capable One S? This article should help you make up your mind...

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