Xbox One Elite Controller Lets You Customize Your Gameplay Experience

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Xbox One Elite Controller

The Xbox One controller is already one of the best video game controllers ever made, and it has just gotten better. Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite Controller gives you more customization than ever before, thanks to its sleek design and swappable components.

This is not the same, recently-updated controller with a headset that will be shipped with all future Xbox One consoles moving forward but rather something more advanced and desirable. DON'T MISS: Xbox One Price Reduced to $349 Permanently, New 1TB Model Announced Developed to offer pro-level gamers more precision, the Xbox One Elite Controller is distinguished by trigger locks that can be adjusted with the flip of a switch and analog sticks and a d-pad that can be changed. It also supports button remapping and paddle remapping, as well as the ability to adjust how sensitive the various buttons are. The Xbox One Elite Controller will change how we play games on not only the Xbox One, but also on Windows 10 PC systems. Don’t you wish you had one? Don’t forget to stay tuned to GameTribute for even more breaking video game news, trailers and tech. [youtube]

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