Xbox Boss Says Rare is Important to Microsoft's Future

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Banjo Rare Xbox How a developer as talented, respected and loved as Rare can be reduced to making gimmicky software that nobody wants is beyond me. The image one gets is that of a health nut letting himself go for no apparent reason. The painful indignity of it all... But if we are to believe Microsoft -- the company responsible for Rare's degradation -- the British studio still has an important role to play in the Xbox's future. In an interview with CVG, Xbox boss Phil Spencer stated that he doesn't want "the Rare brand to mean Kinect Sports." "I'm a Rare fan from the N64 days--that's kind of where my relationship with them was built," he said. "The range of genres that Rare exceeded at on N64 was crazy; you go from GoldenEye, to Conker and Banjo, Diddy Kong Racing... they were all over the place and they nailed a wide variety of genres." Recognized as one of the greatest developers of all time, thanks to such titles as GoldenEye, Perfect Dark and Banjo-Kazooie, Rare hasn’t produced a relevant franchise since being purchased by Microsoft. Sure the Conker remake and the first Viva Pinata were decent games, but they are nowhere as memorable as the studio’s past gems. If Microsoft is serious about making Rare relevant again, it must unshackle the struggling studio from Kinect Sports and let it get its hands dirty. While the original staff of Rare has long departed “to pursue other opportunities, the breadth of its IP portfolio remains unprecedented. All it needs now is the money, talent and freedom to make full use of that portfolio. That the studio is working on new projects that Microsoft describes as "ambitious" may be a sign of good things to come, but nothing is guaranteed. What games do you want to see from Rare in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments

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