Xbox Boss Doesn’t Want Xbox One Team to Worry About PS4 Sales

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Phil Spencer Xbox One

To say that the rivalry between the Xbox One and PS4 is intense would be an understatement. Simply put, the PS4 is smoking Microsoft’s console in worldwide sales, and it seems nothing can be done to close the gap. Even so, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer doesn’t want his team to worry about the PS4’s outright dominance.

The Xbox One has sold less than half of what the PS4 has sold worldwide, a fact that has many critics and analysts worried. In an interview with Eurogamer, Spencer nevertheless touched on the progress the brand has made and -- oddly enough -- said that they don’t build goals based on Sony:
“I honestly don’t goal the team on how many units Sony sells. I think about what we’re going to do, and how many Xbox customers we have across 360, Xbox One and Windows – thinking about the combined community of people on Xbox and playing those games, and that number’s never been bigger.”
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