Will Microsoft’s Xbox One X Outsell Sony’s PS4 Pro?

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PS4 Pro Xbox One Comparison

The sales war between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has been one-sided, to say the least, with the latter outselling the former twofold. However, that gap might narrow with the arrival of the Xbox One X.

Wedbush Securities video game and tech analyst Michael Pachter proclaimed on Twitter that Microsoft’s enhanced Xbox One console will outsell Sony’s PS4 Pro, expecting it to sell around 2 million units. However, he was careful to make the distinction between the PS4 Pro and the entire PS4 brand, stating “The Pro, yes, the PS4, no.”

At it this point, it is virtually impossible for the Xbox One brand, which also includes the Xbox One S, to catch up to the PS4 line in its entirety, let alone beat it. The Xbox One X is quite the gaming machine, though, isn’t it?

Exact sales figures for the PS4 Pro haven’t been released by Sony, but the company has revealed that nearly 20% of all PS4 sales are of the Pro.

Which would / did you choose – the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X -- and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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