Will Disc-Based Games Exist Forever? Gamestop CEO Things So...

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Xbox One disc drive

With the current generation of gaming placing a stronger emphasis on digital downloads, many gamers see it as the end of disc-based games. GameStop CEO, on the other hand, begs to differ and is optimistic that gaming with discs will be around forever.

Speaking with Fortune magazine, company boss Paul Raines said he is not afraid of the deleterious effect digital gaming is expected to have on disc-based games, specifically stating that “disc based games will be around forever.” Despite Gamestop already earning over $1 billion in revenue selling digital content for both the PC and consoles, he predicts a hybrid market in which the company still sells both discs and digital content. One big advantage disc-based games have over digital games is that they can be traded-in for other games. Surprisingly, they are also less expensive on average, although that’s not necessarily the case with PC gamers using Steam. Even so, we wonder if Raines considered what would happen if the consoles -- Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo – decided to do away with disc drives entirely… After all, Microsoft nearly made the Xbox One a disc-less console...

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