What Can We Expect From Xbox Project Scorpio?

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Xbox One Scorpio Is 4K

With the Xbox One S now out, what everyone is waiting for is the so-called the Project Scorpio, possibly a new breed of Xbox.

When it comes to console gaming, we always expect major technological progress every 3 to 5 years but are often disappointed with what little we get. Some games, even the big budget, triple A titles end up looking dated after just a couple of short years, whereas it seems PC gaming just keeps on progressing. Why is this not about Project Scorpio? Although this particular console will have a set of hardware and is built to outpace both the Xbox One and Xbox One S in performance, it will still technically run the same games, so if that’s what you’re hoping to see when it comes, your money might be better spent just buying new Xbox Games from Harvey Norman or from your local game stop. Xbox One, Kinect, controller

What’s this ‘new breed’ of Xbox?

By a new breed of Xbox, we mean the next proper generation of Microsoft’s console -- a fresh start for the company, if you will, a system able to play games both the Xbox One and Xbox One S wish they could. The Xbox One we have today has undergone several changes since the console was first announced back in 2013. If the system was released as originally planned, we’d have a console that required constant internet connection to play games, effectively undermining the pre-owned games market and requiring a subscription to Xbox Live Gold. Also, it would’ve came bundled with a new and improved Kinect -- something hardly any gamer wanted -- and wouldn't have been fully functional without the motion sensing input device. Guy Cocker, a former game expert at Wired and T3, said that "Microsoft made many mistakes during the pre-launch period of the Xbox One.” The major ones include pitching a product that no one wanted (Kinect) and positioning the system as more of a living room entertainment box that mixed a DVR, a video streamer, an internet browser than a true gaming experience. The decision to forcefully include Kinect made the console significantly more expensive than the PS4, plus it proposed some very draconian anti-consumer measures regarding the trading of pre-owned games that further left a bad taste in gamers' mouths. Microsoft, to its credit, listened to player feedbacks, critiques and video game blogs, and introduced new policies to make the Xbox One more appealing to its core audience, but a lot of damage had already been done to the brand's image. Project Scorpio, Xbox One

The Next Xbox: games focused

"I think the next Xbox will be a game-focused console, so it will unveil with high-spec PC hardware like the Xbox One, the difference being it will be cheaper at launch," says Cocker. Microsoft may have overlooked highlighting this in Xbox One’s original reveal, but it has since changed its tune thanks to the backlash from the gaming community. According to Cocker, there's also a very good chance the next Xbox will ditch a physical disc drive as online services get better and better, but we have our doubts considering that a 4K blu ray drive is one of the main reasons why the Xbox One S has sold well. What we know for certain is that the Xbox One Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever made when it goes on sale, handily beating the PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch on all technical fronts. Unlike the Pro, it will offer true 4K gaming. There are also rumors of VR tech to take on the PlayStation V3 and the reintroduction of Kinect. All this boils down to a console that’s expected to stick around for a very long time. Xbox One and Xbox 360, backward compatible


For now, us gamers can only hope for the best and placate ourselves with the Xbox One S. Holding on to your Xbox One? Check out the Xbox games from Harvey Norman to get your fix of the latest titles delivered straight to your doorstep. After all, awesome games are what always matter in the end, right? What do you expect from the Xbox One Scorpio?

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