Watch these Lengthy Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Gameplay Videos

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Guilty Gear XRD Sign PS3 and PS4-exclusive Guilty Gear Xrd Sign is likely a game every fan of fighting games must try at least once, and we have stumble upon two lengthy gameplay videos that provide a taste of the awesomeness that awaits you. Combined, the two videos offer almost an hour of gameplay footage from the PS4 version of Guilty Gear Xrd Sign and focus primarily on the game’s arcade mode. With the first spotlighting Sol Badguy and the second featuring Ky Kiske, we get to see the various skills and abilities of several of the fighters. Guilty Gear Xrd Sign is very similar to the previous games, but kicks things up a notch with more refined gameplay and more visually-engaging cel-shaded graphics. Whereas the characters were animated with hand-drawn sprites in the past, they are now cel-shaded, with their moves accentuated by a game camera that has more dynamic movements. Now watch Sol Badguy kick some ass: [youtube] Guilty Gear Xrd Sign features 17 characters, 12 of whom are returning: Ky Kiske, Millia Rage, May, Chip Zanuff, Potemkin, Venom, Axl Low, Faust, Zato-1, I-No, Slayer, Bedman, Ramlethal Valentine, Sin, Elphelt, Leo Whitefang and, of course, Sol Badguy. Who is your favorite? Check out Ky Kiske in action: [youtube] First released in Japanese arcades in early 2014, Guilty Gear Xrd Sign is currently available as a demo for those with a PlayStation Plus subscription. The demo features the arcade modes for Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske, as well as a training mode. Are you a fan of the Guilty Gear series? If so, will you pick up Guilty Gear Xrd Sign?

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