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Evolve monster vs hunter The opening trailer for Evolve, the shooting game featuring asymmetrical multiplayer, has been released, along with news that it has gone gold. Developer Turtle Rock Studios promised that everyone that worked on Evolve would not cut their hair until the game was completed. The men did not shave, while the women let their hair grow long; as unsightly as the studio's corridors might have looked, that promise was kept. As for what became of all the hair, the Turtle Rock pledged $50 for every inch grown to Child’s Play, a charitable organization that donates toys and games to children's hospitals around the world. 227.5 inches of hair was grown all together, bringing in a total of $11,375. Evolve’s publisher 2K Games matched that amount, resulting in an overall donation of $22,750 to Child’s Play. Before you keep reading, watching the trailer and let us know what you think: [youtube] As an asymmetrical cooperative shooter, Evolve runs on the impressive CryEngine gaming engine and pits four players (hunters) against a giant, player-controlled monster. There will be various different classes of hunters to choose from, as well as various types of monsters. Gameplay modes include Hunt, Nest, Rescue, Defend, and Evacuation. 'Hunt' tasks the players (hunters) with eliminating the monster, while 'Rescue' involves colonists stranded on the map, with the hunters trying to save them and the monster trying to kill them. In 'Nest', the hunters will have to locate and destroy six monster eggs scattered across the map, with the monster tasked with stopping them. ‘Defend’ requires the hunters to defend a ship that the monster must destroy. Finally, ‘Evacuation’ consists of five rounds made up of the game’s other modes, ending with a Defend round. Evacuation is effectively Evolve's story mode. Evolve is playable only on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Is it your kind of game?

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