Watch Robot Dinosaurs Get Hunted in Horizon: Zero Dawn

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Horizon Zero Dawn, giant robo dinosaur

Revealed at E3 2015, Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the most gorgeous and captivating games of this gaming generation. While its reveal trailer gave us a good idea of what gamers are in for, developer Guerrilla Games has released a new gameplay video that provides more insight into how it plays, and let’s just say you’ll be hunting a lot of dinosaurs -- big and small.

Stealth is an important element of gameplay and so is gathering resources. Here are few other highlights from the video:
  • You can explore everything that you can see in the large open world
  • There are many different environments, including forests, deserts and snow-covered areas
  • The world’s robot dinosaurs harbors a great deal of the resources that you and your tribe need to survive, so honing your hunting skills is paramount and stealth, in particular, plays an especially important role
  • There are many RPG elements pertaining to combat, skill crafting and more
  • Despite there being mechanical creatures, there are no guns in the world
Watch the gameplay walkthrough and let us know what you think... [youtube] Horizon: Zero Dawn is only for the PlayStation 4 and launches sometime in 2016. Are you as enamored by it as I am?

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