Warner Bros Changes Internal Review Process After Batman: Arkham Knight PC Launch Disaster

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The disastrous launch of Batman: Arkham Knight on the PC is a lesson that will be thought to aspiring video game developers for years to come. Such was the damage to both Warner Bros. and Rocksteady’s reputation that the former has modified its internal review process.

For those unfamiliar with the debacle, Batman: Arkham Knight launched on the PC with such glaring technical issues and community uproar that it was pulled from Steam, going down as one of the worst video game releases in recent memory. LEARN MORE: Batman: Arkham Knight Facing Issues on PC, Developer Responds Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment apologized to gamers, promised to fix the technical issues and gave them a heads-up on what they should expect in Arkham Knight’s future. The PC version continues to be worked on to iron out the game-breaking glitches, while all downloadable content across all platforms have been delayed. Probably more important, Warner said they will give their future games more rigorous testing so as not to repeat the Arkham Knight debacle, with Gary Lake-Schall, VP of Game Technology at Warner Bros, stating:
“We can also assure you that because of this latest launch, we are modifying the internal process for all of our games.”
With regards to Arkham Knight on PC, the VP added:
“Addressing the PC performance issues is still our top priority and at this time, we believe we have identified a number of fixes for the larger issues that were affecting PC players at launch. These fixes are currently being implemented into the game and once we have been able to do some initial testing, we’ll have a better idea on the status of our progress.”
You can read Warner Bros. Interactive’s full statement here.

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