Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Supports Silent Hills Petition

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Silent Hills Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus, best known for his role as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead, has supported a petition to bring back Silent Hills.

The American model, writer, director and actor tweeted his support, linking to a website that's all about stopping Konami’s ‘unfairness’ to gamers and calls upon them to act:
“It’s time to show Konami that we don’t believe in their vision of our gaming future. We don’t believe that low budget games make for good entertainment. We don’t believe in mobile as the future of gaming. We don’t believe in gaming paywalls, or manipulation of gaming content in order to make a buck. And we sure as hell don’t believe in existing games being put to death digitally.”
When the Silent Hills project was first announced, Reedus was named the lead actor who would lend both his face and voice to the game. Konami later cancelled the project after their contract period with The Walking Dead star expired. MUST READ: Konami Shifts Focus From Console Gaming To Mobile Gaming The Japanese publisher isn’t in the best of shape financially and has had to make some unpopular cost-cutting decisions. Even so, avid fans of the Silent Hills series want none of it, with the petition site adding:
“Let’s show the gaming culture that we are dead serious about wanting Silent Hills – in spirit, if not in name. Let’s show the gaming community that we’re not ok with paywalls, ditching console development, or the destruction of gaming history via digital removal.”
In addition to the bold call to action, the site contains a page of memes that you can use to “poke fun at Konami.” It’s a no holds barred approach... So, how do you feel about this petition to get Silent Hills back and the fact that Norman Reedus himself is supporting it? Let us know in the comments below...

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