Valve Details Nemesis Assassin Dota 2 Event

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Dota 2, Phantom Assassin Valve upset a lot of Dota 2 players when it cancelled 2014’s Diretide event. Perhaps to make it up to us, it has created a new event, one unlike anything it has done before. Called Nemesis Assassin, it revolves around just one hero, although other heroes also play a big part. Phantom Assassin (PA) is the main protagonist of this event. For those unfamiliar with her, she is a melee agility Hero fitting the role of hard carry and best-known for her ability to inflict staggering damage with single strikes. As the plot goes, Oracle -- the latest hero to join the Dota 2 roster -- gave PA a very powerful weapon called the Manifold Paradox and hired her to get rid of all those who will attempt to assassinate him in the future. MUST READ: Dota 2 is Now Being Learned in Schools Around China That is, Oracle tallies his killers and compile a list of nemeses, which he then contracts out to her to eliminate. She must do her best to kill them first before they kill her. “If Phantom Assassin faces one or more of these nemeses in a match where any player on either team owns the Manifold Paradox Arcana, Phantom Assassin will automatically receive a contract to kill an opposing nemesis hero,” Valve explains. Unlike most other Dota 2 events, Nemesis Assassin integrates into unranked matchmaking games and isn’t a separate mode with its own rules. To take part in it, one player in your unranked matchmaking game must own the Manifold Paradox Arcana set for Phantom Assassin. A team must select Phantom Assassin as one of its heroes, while another must select an eligible target hero from the Oracle’s list. If PA succeeds at scoring a kill against her target before the target kills her first, all the players on her team will receive a trophy, but only after the entire game is won. The event will reset and offer players even more challenging contracts if every target hero is killed enough times by the Dota community. While items can be won by any Dota 2 player taking part in the Nemesis Assassin event, Phantom Assassin Arcana owners get special treatment. The Manifold Paradox can be upgraded two times, but you will need to win games and gather points to do so. Arcana owners will gain three points towards upgrading the item if they win a Dota 2 game with any hero; after December 7th, those three points reduce to one, and the game must be won with the Phantom Assassin.

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