Ubisoft Considered South America, Russia for Far Cry 4 Setting

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Kyrat Far Cry 4 When Ubisoft set out to make Far Cry 4, the Himalayas wasn't the only setting it had in mind for the open-world action-adventure game. In fact, it considered several locations, ranging from Russia all the way to South America. The French video game developer did more than just scan through a list of prospective locations -- it actually wrote stories for each one. "It wasn’t like, bam, right on Himalayas,” senior level designer Vincent Ouellette told Eurogamer in an interview. “We were looking at South America, we looked at Russia -- we looked pretty much everywhere but pretty early on we realized the Himalayas would be great.” After narrowing the list down to around three locations, a pitch was made to Ubisoft's Paris-based management team, who then guided the development team to the game's final destination. Far Cry 4 narrative director and former Far Cry 3 level designer Mark Thompson took part in the pitching process. “[Thompson] did different pitches -- because not only did we have different ideas for locations but also different ideas for stories,” Ouellette said. “There was a premise or story idea for each location that we picked. But the more we dug in each location the more we were sure the Himalayas were perfect for a Far Cry game.” MUST WATCH: Witness the power of the Elephant in this new Far Cry 4 trailer It is the diversity of the region that sealed the deal, with Ouellette making special mention of its elephants. Having seen the various Far Cry 4 trailers, it’s hard to argue against the decision. The elephants, in particular, are one of the most interesting features of the game, as are the variety of vehicles that can be operated. Far Cry 4 is playable on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Are you happy with Ubisoft's final decision?

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