Twitch Shuts Down for Good

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Justin TV logo Following Google's acquisition of Twitch for $1 billion, has been shut down for good after seven years in operation. Created in 2007 by the same people behind Twitch, allowed anyone to broadcast videos online using a channel system like YouTube’s. It was announced in February 2014 that the division would become part of the Twitch service and brand, which became "the focus of the company's resources." Google’s acquisition likely only hastened its outright termination. All user accounts on have been closed and cannot be accessed. However, filling out this form by no later than September 5 can have your account transferred to Twitch. Pro Account Users should have received an email about getting refunded. While wishes for you to use its services, they also recommend Ustream, Livestream, and -- of course -- YouTube. Which one will you be using?

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