Tusk Brings Giant Sword to Killer Instinct, Bashes Skulls [Trailer]

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Tusk Hero Art, Killer Instinct

Tusk the Konan-inspired barbarian is officially now Tusk the Viking, having brought an even bigger sword to Killer Instinct Xbox One to bash some skulls and break some bones. He's a human tank!

Unlike the original Tusk, the reimagined warrior looks and sounds less like Konan the Barbarian (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and more like an old-school Scandinavian Viking inspired by Thor from the Marvel movies. Chris Hemsworth, anyone? Watch him in his full glory as he beats up some baddies while spitting out one hell of a monologue... [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbTF0xEzHwA?rel=0&showinfo=0&w=800&h=366] Tusk says the following in his awesome trailer...
Thousands of years have passed since my flesh was forged. My memory was taken from me, scattered like snow in a storm. This blade, my friend, Vorgram. Let evil come, for I am the watchman of the gods! “[Speaking about Omen] You were fast... until I hit you. [Speaking about Riptor] You play at being a dragon, little one... Play time is over. [Speaking about Spinal] For the dead, there is only one rule… Stay dead. Death comes to all... except me.”
Those are mighty words from a might warrior. Tusk has to be one of the best designed, animated and realized in the new Killer Instinct, and he looks fun as hell to play. Is he you kind of fighting game character?

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