Top New Features of FIFA 16, Plus First Gameplay Trailer

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FIFA 16 Female Players

EA used E3 2015 to show off FIFA 16 off in all its glory, revealing the football (soccer) game’s new features and its first gameplay trailer.

In addition to having ‘slightly’ better graphics and general gameplay improvements, FIFA 16 innovates in a number of key areas. Here are the top 5 new features you should look forward to:

No Touch Dribbling

Have you seen how Lionel Messi jogs behind the ball without touching it, make a sharp turn to the left or right, and then accelerating? Well, it’s apparently called ‘no touch dribbling’ you can do it in FIFA 16. In essence, no touch dribbling” that lets you separate the player from the ball to perform Messi-style dribbling. EA Sports captured the FC Barcelona striker’s movement and incorporated it into the game using their high tech motion capture cameras.

‘Fake’ Tackles

Another new interesting new mechanic in FIFA 16 is the ability to pull out of tackles, allowing you to fool attacking players into wrongfully committing. ‘Fake’ Tackles are executed by re-pressing the tackle -- your player quickly jumps back up from the pitch to continue the pursuit. Better Player Awareness In FIFA 16, players are better at tracking and intercepting the ball, minimising those situations where they just stand there and pick their noses, gladly allowing the ball rolls past them without much of a fuss.

Better Defending

Unlike FIFA 15, which emphasized attacking, FIFA 16 plugs some major flaws in the series’ defensive mechanics. EA is touting something called “Defend As A Unit,” which sees defensive players have more intelligence in marking players and preventing space from being opened up by the attacking team. FIFA 16 also benefits from “Defense Agility,” which adds 25 new features to help your defensive players close down attacking opponents, especially in one-on-one situations. It gives them more freedom to move around the field and stay with attacking opponents.

Smarter Goalies

Anyone that has played a FIFA game has been frustrated by how stupid the goalie AI can be. FIFA 16 looks to rectify this annoyance by making goalies more intelligent, allowing them to backpedal and watch the ball in order to make it harder for attacking players to sneak in on them.

Female Players

Of course, the most discussed addition to FIFA 16 is the inclusion of female players for the first time in series’ history, and the Women’s World Cup in 2015 had a lot to do with that. EA used its full face scanning technology to give female football players a realistic first outing. To be honest, we don’t see many gamers using women players, but it’s good to be offered the chance to do so. Watch the first gameplay trailer for FIFA 16 to see most of these new features in action... [youtube]

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