This NBA 2K15 Trailer Reveals New MyPARK Multiplayer Features

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[youtube] The MyPARK online mode in NBA 2K15 has been upgraded, offering players new outdoor courts, new communities to join and new upgrades. For a preview of the new additions, just watch the trailer above. In MyPARK, you are given the option of joining one of three communities that each give you special perks. The Old Town Flyers grant you a boost in your Playmaking and Defender attributes, the aggressive Rivet City Rough Riders enhance your Athelete and Rebounder skills, and the ruthless and precise Sunset Beach Ballers increase your Outside and Inside Shooter attributes. The latest iteration of the mode allows players to either play streetball on outside courts or take the heated competition to the newly-introduced Jordan Rec Center, which can host 5v5 competitive games with four quarters, NBA rules and officials. At the center, winning matches lets you stay on the court, but losing gets you thrown out. Winner takes it all. A second new court called "The Stage" lets you put it all on the line. It is situated on a rooftop, letting you enjoy the skyline while shooting mad hoops. Check out NBA 2K15’s improved MyPARK online mode and let us know what you think about the new courts and features.

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