This is How Much Video Game Developers Make

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Wario Money Unbeknownst to most people, a career in the video game industry is one of the most lucrative out there. But just how much do game developers really make? A survey conducted by Gamasutra using data accumulated in 2013 has revealed the average salaries of a number of professions within the gaming industry, not just in the U.S. but also in Canada and Europe. You may be surprised by the results:
U.S. Canada Europe
Overall $83,060 $71,445 $46,232
Programmers $93,251 $81,660 $47,312
Artists and animators $74,349 $62,663 $41,280
Game designers $73,864 $60,434 $39,626
Producers $82,286 $68,000 $56,273
Audio professionals $95,682 $83,928 $66,666
Quality Assurance $54,833 $36,500 $27,500
Business and management $101,572 $81,250 $57,500
. . . .
In the U.S., the average game developer’s salary is $83,060, representing a 2 percent from 2012, while Canadian developers earn on average $71,000, up 9 percent. European developers average just $46,000, an amount that most certainly takes into account the relatively low salaries of developing countries like Poland. With solo independent developers, the study found that they earn $11,812, a significant decrease of 49 percent, while the earnings of indie development ‘teams’ increased by 161 percent to $50,833. Men earn more than women at $85,075 versus $72,882.

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