This Game Has Been in Development Since 1992, It’s Finally Ready

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UnReal World, logest game to develop

UnReal World is a survival game that has been in development since 1992. After 24 years of never seeing the light of day, it is finally ready to be downloaded on Steam.

Released on Steam, UnReal World began as a roguelike RPG set in the Far North a long, long time ago. Expectedly, it underwent a number of changes over the decades, including jumping from DOS to Windows and from a fantasy game inspired by Dungeons and Dragons to a historical adventure set in Bronze Age Finland. Here is some perspective on just how ridiculously long-overdue the game is: When development started in 1992, the Steam we know today didn’t exist and the radio waves were ruled by Queen, Whitney Houston and Boyz II Men! Hell, chances are you weren’t even born. UnReal World is free on Steam and can be downloaded here. It’s been in the making for a almost quarter of a century so expect big things. Or maybe not... [youtube]

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