There Are No Guns In Horizon: Zero Dawn, Here’s Why

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Horizon Zero Dawn giant robot bird

For a game that requires players to kill large, robotic dinosaur-like creatures, Horizon: Zero Dawn surprisingly has no guns. There is a good reason why...

In an issue of Edge magazine, Horizon: Zero Dawn director Mathijs De Jonge explained why guns won’t be used by the main character, believing that “it’s just spray and pray” once a player gets hold of a machine gun. Considering that Horizon: Zero Dawn is set in a primitive sci-fi world, Jonge wanted to achieve the feel of a simpler time when tribal people had very limited knowledge of technology. Adding guns would apparently turn the game into another third-person shooter. LEARN MORE: Killzone Creator Makes Horizon Zero Dawn for PS4, Looks Amazing The first prototype of Horizon: Zero Dawn showed gamers a machine gun-wielding Killzone character take down a robotic T-Rex, a big departure from the latest build of the game, which features a more primitive bow and arrow as the main weapon. Unsurprisingly, battle isn’t as menacing with the bow and arrow, but it does make for a more unique gameplay experience. Developer Guerrilla Games, the same guys behind the Killzone series, clearly wanted to try something new and innovative, but only time will tell if they succeed. What do you think about the PS4-exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn from what you’ve seen of it so far?

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