The Simpsons Intro Made in Minecraft is Near Perfection

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This Simpsons intro, minecraft Not long after Microsoft added The Simpsons skins to Minecraft, one player has taken the content and recreated the iconic intro scene from the TV show. It’s freakin awesome! This is not the only time someone has rendered The Simpsons intro in the world of Minecraft, but Youtube user Bearly Regal’s recreation is probably the best executed to date, thanks in large part to the skins. DON'T MISS: Turkey Says Minecraft is ‘Too’ Violent, Wants it Banned Granted things aren’t perfect (e.g., Bart’s skateboarding antics is missing), he did a great job at capturing most of the important parts and matching them to the catchy intro music. I can only imagine how long it took him to put everything together... If it was me trying to recreate anything other than a cube in Minecraft, I would have given up a few minutes in. I just don’t have the patience these creative endeavors... What is the most awesome thing you or anyone else has create in Minecraft? [youtube] via Too Manly

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