The PS Vita is Not Dead Yet, Sony Expresses Support

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If Sony’s previous announcement that they will no longer make games for the PS Vita has you worried about the fate of the handheld system, the tech giant claims it’s not dead yet and still has a place in the PlayStation ecosystem.

The PS Vita never proved as popular as Sony hoped and came nowhere close to matching sales of the Nintendo DS and 3DS, but it will always have some sort of purpose for PS4 gamers. While it’s time of significance is likely over, the company will continue to support it in the foreseeable future, but just not in a way that will boost sales. In an interview with Game Industry, SCE Worldwide Studios VP Michael Denny provided some insight into the Vita’s current standing, stating:
"PlayStation Vita is still a fantastic handheld gaming device, and I think the people who have it still continue to use it and talk about it. There's a great catalogue of AAA games out there for Vita already and there's going to be new indie and creative titles coming through for Vita as well. Plus, with remote play, there's still a place for Vita in the PlayStation ecosystem."
Remote Play is one of the PS Vita’s most innovative features and makes it more compelling for those who own one. Unfortunately, it isn’t complimented by a lineup of new AAA games, and nothing big and exciting seems to be on the horizon. As things stand, with Sony no longer making game for its own handheld device, whether anyone buys the PS Vita will depend on how many quality third-party game it will get. Sadly, there seems to be nothing exciting on the way. Do you own a PS Vita? If so, do you regret buying it? Let us know in the comments below.

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