Street Fighter V Supports PS3 Controller, Alex is First DLC Character

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For PS3 owners wondering what to do with their old arcade stick, here is some good news: Street Fighter 5 on the PS4 supports not only PlayStation 3 controllers, but also the console’s arcade sticks. Capcom has also confirmed that the first DLC character will be non-other than Street Fighter 3rd Strike’s Alex.

Street Fight 5 releases on February 16, 2016, for the PS4 and PC with 16 characters, while the story mode is set to arrive later on in the summer as a free update. It supports cross-play between both the PS4 and PC. Capcom made the revelation via twitter, stating “We can confirm that Alex will be the first DLC character and he will be available in March!” in one tweet and “Additionally, the final version of #StreetFighterV (on PS4) will be compatible with PS3 controllers” in another. Alex is part of a first wave of six characters that will be added to Street Fighter V in 2016, with the other five being Ibuki, Urien, Balrog, Guile and Juri. The exact order of their release has yet to be announced. The iconic fighting game series went through some surprising hoops to get to where it is. A development partnership with Sony made it exclusive to the PS4 (sorry, no Xbox One love) and its beta had a rocky start. Regardless, the game is primed for action and it looks more polished than ever. Is Street Fighter 5 a must get for you this gaming generation? Let us know in the comments below.

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