Street Fighter V - Learn About Vega [Trailer]

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Vega super move, Street Fighter 5

Capcom has released yet another character trailer for Street Fighter V, this time for everyone's favorite clawed sociopath VEGA.

First appearing in Street Fighter 2: World Warrior as a sub boss, Vega arrives in SFV as the most nimble character in the entire games, bringing along his iconic slide, rolls, slashes and air grabs. He’s more lethal and bloodthirsty than ever. The trailer is narrated by Capcom Community Manager Matt Edwards and shows off the masked Spaniard’s revamped fighting style, particularly his top tier mobility. One of the most interesting changes to Vega is the fact that he no longer requires charge inputs to do his special movies, making him easier to play for most gamers. Get the scoop... [youtube] Street Fighter V is exclusive to the PS4 and PC, and cannot be played on the Xbox One. Is Vega you kind of character?

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