Street Fighter V – Learn About Nash and His Cool Combos

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Charlie, Street Fighter 5 action

Guile’s long-lost best friend, Charlie Nash, has made an unexpected return to Street Fighter V and features some of the most stylish combos in the new fighting game. Capcom has released a character introduction video that provides some insight into how he plays.

Clearly the subject of some freakish experiments, Nash is no longer the harbinger of justice we once knew. His moveset is more distinct from Guile’s than ever and now includes the ability to teleport above or behind opponent and absorb their energy attacks. In fact, he has more normal attack variations than any other character in Street Fighter V, allowing him to barrage his enemies into oblivion. Check him out... [youtube] Does Nash suit your gameplay style? Share your impressions in the comments below and also check out Ken, Vega and Laura's character introduction trailers.

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