Street Fighter 5 Has 16 Characters at Launch, More Added by DLC or Unlocking

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Street Fighter 5, Charlie vs Ryu

Capcom announced at EVO 2015 that Street Fighter 5 will have 16 characters at launch, four of which are new to the Street Fighter universe. More characters will be added to the roster later on via DLC or unlocking.

Street Fighter 5 won’t be sold like the previous Street Fighter games. Rather than pay with real money to get DLC (e.g. new characters), you have the option of acquiring them using in-game currency. MUST SEE: Ken Enters Street Fighter 5 Spin Kicking Hot Fire, Watch Him in Action! That is, you can essentiall get all future characters for free if you play the game long and hard enough. Post-launch content, including new characters, will be added bit by bit rather than as part of one huge bundle, allowing you purchase or get only the characters and/or gear you want. As with most fighting games, balancing and system adjustments will be free for all Street Fighter 5 owners. A constant release of content will keep the game fresh for years to come, and the fact that you can grind to earn in-game currency that can be used to unlock every single character makes it a win-win situation for both Capcom and fans of the series. Will you be getting Street Fighter 5?

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