Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void - New Terran Units, Changes

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[youtube] In continuation of our coverage of StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void, the conclusion of the StarCraft 2 trilogy, we now turn our attention to the new Terran units and other relevant changes. Two new Terran units join the inter-galactic fray, while four existing units get some notable upgrades. My personal favorite is the ability for Battlecruisers to now warp-jump (aka teleport) through space. As you will see after checking out the changes, the Terrans have gained some impressive new weapons and capabilities that are downright game-changers. Protoss and Zerg players have a lot to be worry about...

New Terran Units

Herc: A close-range unit that excels in head-on fights. Built at the Barracks, the Herc comes equipped with the ability to grapple onto targets at long range and get up close and personal. They are able to one-shot Banelings while dishing out small-radius splash damage, making them particularly effective against the deadly Zergling-Banelings composition. Due to their relatively high health and low armor, they are also strong against the Protoss and excel at breaking up Protoss armies. Unfortunately, the Herc cannot attack air units and struggle against larger Zerg units. Moreover, it only takes a few well-placed Zealots to deal with them. Cyclone: A ranged Terran unit that can attack both ground and air units while moving. As fast as a Stalker, it is particularly potent against large and slow enemies like Ultralisks, tanks, immortals and Thors. To stop the Cyclone, you must initiate combat swiftly or prevent them from running away with immobilizing spells like the Zerg Infester’s Fungal Growth or the Protoss Sentry’s Force Fields.

Changes to Existing Terran Units

Tank / Dropship: The Dropship can now pick up tanks while they are in siege mode, creating new opportunities to harass with the Siege Tank. Thor: The giant mech can now self-repair. By using the so-called ‘Emergency Repair’ in or out of combat, the Thor can regain its health fully, with the only drawback being that it can’t move or attack while undergoing self-repair. Just imagine the frustration of battling a small group of Thors, with each unit taking turns self-repairing... Banshee: Further enhancing their harassing and micro abilities against ground Protoss, Zerg and Terran units, Banshees now have access to a Speed Upgrade once a Fusion Core is built. After acquiring the Speed Upgrade, they will be capable of outrunning mobile detection units, even an upgraded Overseer or Observer. The Speed Upgrade makes the Banshee much better at surviving counter pressure that can come against harassment attempts. Battlecruiser: The iconic capital ships can now teleport anywhere on the map without vision. It’s important to note, however, that using the ability consumes a lot of energy, so choosing when and where to warp-jump is incredibly important. Clearly, there are opportunities where Teleport makes great sense. For instance, when help is needed somewhere far, the Battlecruisers can now get there almost instantly to provide support.

What Do You Think?

So, what do you think about the new Terran units and changes made to the existing ones? Do any of them make the Terran race overpowered in StarCraft 2? Let us know in the comments. What Next? Watch the Amazing Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Cinematic Trailer Read About the New Multiplayer Modes and Game Changes Read About the New Zerg Units and Changes

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