Star Wars Battlefront will be Delayed if Needed to Improve Quality

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Star Wars Battlefront

In an effort not to repeat the Batman: Arkham Knight PC debacle, EA will delay Star Wars Battlefront if needed to ensure a high quality game at launch.

In an interview with MCV, EA COO Peter Moore was forthcoming about delaying Star Wars Battlefront if developer DICE wasn’t able to ship the game problem-free. He specifically stated that EA won’t release Star Wars Battlefront “if it doesn’t work or the quality isn’t right. “ Similar to Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed Unity) and Warner Bros. (Batman: Arkham Knight PC), EA got a lot of negative feedback when Battlefield 4 launched in 2013 plagued with many, some game-breaking bugs that made it unplayable. It took the publisher months to address the issues. MUST SEE: Star Wars Battlefront First Gameplay Video is Amazing, Looks Like a Movie As a sigh that it has probably learned its lesson, EA delayed Battlefield Hardline for a few months in order to iron out all the bad bugs, missing the lucrative Holiday 2014 season for a March 2015 launch instead. Many gamers will lament at the idea of a game as hugely-anticipated as Star Wars Battlefront being delayed, but ask yourself this: Will I be more disappointed with getting the game later than expected or with it releasing on time but with so many frustrating bugs that make it unplayable? Despite Moore saying EA will delay Star Wars Battlefront if needed, he is confident it won’t have to, adding that game is already playable even with 40-players. Let’s hope Star Wars Battlefront has a bug-free launch because we don’t think EA’s reputation came withstand gamers losing their sh*t over another one of their botched releases.

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