Star Fox Zero for Wii U Release Date Set to Nov 15, 2015

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Star Fox Zero, Wii U

Nintendo has finally announced the release date for Star Fox Zero for the Wii U and that date is November 20th, 2015.

With Star Fox Zero, fans of the series take to the skies once again in an Arwing since the last Star Fox game nine years ago. It offers a brand new narrative in the universe, as well as new vehicles to pilot, such as the Gyrowing. We were able to play Star Fox Zero at E3 2015 and can confidently say that fans of the series will be pleased to know that it takes everything that made Star Fox 64 fun and improves upon them with a bigger world, better gameplay and more content. For instance, the Arwing can now transform while on missions and the Wii U pad allows for more precise controls. Even so, the game has received some backlash from fans for its cartoony visual style, despite Shigeru Miyamoto saying it was deliberate. Are you satisfied with its graphics? Will you be picking up Star Fox Zero for the Wii U when it releases on November 15, 2015?

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