Star Citizen Uses Motion Capture to Deliver Realistic Experience

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Star Citizen art Space simulator Star Citizen, one of the most ambitious video games ever in the history of gaming, uses motion capture to help deliver a realistic and immersive gameplay experience. A new, nearly eight-minute long video provides a behind-the-scenes look at how the technology is being used to bring the game’s “Persistent Universe” to life. The Imaginarium Studios and Cloud Imperium Games, the companies responsible for Star Citizen’s motion capture development, and are confident the technology will help create a very realistic world. According to Steven Bender, the latter company’s animation director, it could be used to convey the behaviour of citizens in a city, particularly if that city is wealthy or religious. It “gives us the ability to make a whole lot of content, and to make unique experiences on each planet,” Bender explained. ALSO READ: Star Citizen Supports 4K and 8K UHD Resolutions During the motion capturing process, real-life human performances are streamed into Star Citizen’s game engine (CryEngine) using a motion builder, allowing the developers to better see -- in real-time -- animations that are very close to the final in-game results. As such, the process makes it easier to realize how the various races and classes of characters will interact with their surrounding environments, and whether or not tweaks need to be made to them. “The thing that motion capture gives us, especially with human characters (and in our combat, in our Persistent Universe and things like that), is that it allows us to work with experienced actors and talent that are able to bring their personal experiences and their personal knowledge to whatever it is that we’re doing,” Bender stated. The crowdfunding for Star Citizen is still ongoing, even though the game has already generated more than $72 million. According to Chris Roberts, it could reach as much as $100 million by the end of 2015. Star Citizen will release sometime in 2016 on the PC. Watch the impressive behind-the-scenes video below and let us know what you think: [youtube]

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