Star Citizen Supports 4K and 8K UHD Resolutions

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Space game - Star Citizen, Stanton Massive crowdfunded space simulator Star Citizen has been in the limelight of the gaming world for quite some time now, and chances are it will remain in the limelight for years to come. Lead developer Chris Roberts has revealed that that game natively supports 4K and 8K UHD resolutions, thanks to its PC-exclusivity, which allows his team to channel all its efforts on one gaming platform. “I don’t care about consoles,” Roberts said in an interview with TweakTown, stressing that the he is aiming to deliver the best 4K and 8K ultra high resolution textures for future UHD displays. As with many serious developers that focus only on the PC, the goal is to “push the boundaries of the DirectX 11 and Mantle application programming interfaces.” While many games today run in 1080p resolutions or higher, Star Citizen will likely be the first title to natively support 8K displays and feature textures that do not magnify (i.e., get blurry) at 7680x4320, thus making environmental objects look just as good from up close as they do from afar. ALSO READ: Star Citizen Has Complex FPS Module with Realistic Gameplay Mechanics Star Citizen will release around the time (2016 or 2017) that DirectX 12 and improved Mantle APIs will be available, and will essentially serve as a grand demonstration of what the two technologies have in store for PC gaming. So far, the game -- still in an early stage of development -- is currently 20GB in size; in a few years’ time, we might be looking at somewhere around 100GB+, considering the massive amounts of detail Roberts and his team promise. Chances are that SSD drives will be required to ensure a smooth gameplay experience. Not only will Star Citizen offer a rich gameplay experience, but it will also have amazing graphics.

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