Sony’s PlayStation Brand is Now 20 Years Old

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Playstation 20 years old December 3rd, 1994 is a very special date for Sony -- it was the day the PlayStation brand was born. Fast forward 20 years and PlayStation is still a household name and prominent player in the video game industry. Looking back at history, it’s hard to imagine the original PlayStation was originally intended to be an add-on for the Nintendo Super Famicon, aka Super Nintendo. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on who you ask, the marriage between Sony and Nintendo didn’t go according to plan, largely because of a contractual dispute that led to Nintendo reneging on their deal. DON'T MISS: How Old is Nintendo? As of 2014, 125 Years Old! Rather than let all its hard work go to waste, Sony decided to release the PlayStation as a standalone console, a decision that will go down as one of the best in the company’s history. The PlayStation arrived in North American in the fall of 1995 to battle the Super Nintendo, the Sega Saturn and, eventually, the Nintendo 64. Despite the tough crowd, it emerged as the undisputed leader for nearly a decade. With sales of 102 million units over the entirety of its lifespan, Sony’s darling outsold the Nintendo 64 3-to-1 and Sega Saturn 10-to-1. Such was the original PlayStation’s market dominance that it has gone down in history as the second best-selling in-home gaming console of all time, beaten -- coincidentally -- only by the PlayStation 2. While Nintendo might be an old geezer by comparison, 20 years is a long time, and I imagine you've owned at least one PlayStation console over those years. Sony commemorated the occasion by holding a 20 hour celebration, highlights of which can be found on PS Europe’s Blog. We know that the PlayStation brand is dear and close to some of you, so do share your fondest memories with any of Sony’s consoles, be it the original PlayStation, the PS2, PS3 and/or even the PS4. Head over to the comments and reminisce.

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