Sony is Praying The Last Guardian is a Sales Success

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the last guardian

Sony is hoping that The Last Guardian will sell well enough to be financially successful, and so do we.

In an interview with Metro UK, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President Jim Ryan expressed concern over the success of The Last Guardian, reminding us that the game’s predecessors -- Ico and Shadow of the Colossus -- didn’t perform particularly well. MUST SEE: The Last Guardian Revealed Again At E3 2015, Looks Old Obviously, he is praying that The Last Guardian is more of a success, but acknowledged that making AAA games like it are risky because their budgets are “too big” and the “amounts of money are just too great.” The high expectations for and relatively high expense of The Last Guardian may have been the reasons why Sony waited until E3 2015 to re-introduce it after many years of silence. We are fans of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, so like Ryan, we also hope that The Last Guardian does well. There won’t be many games like it on the PlayStation 4 when it releases sometime in 2016. Will you be getting The Last Guardian?

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