Sony Finally Announces PS4 Slim, It's Everything You Expected

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PS4 Slim and controller

Having kept its lips sealed on the leaked photos and unboxing videos of the PS4 Slim, Sony used the PlayStation Meeting to finally announce the smaller PS4, and it's everything you already knew it would be.

Similar to the Xbox One S, the PS4 “Slim” is a smaller (30 percent smaller), leaner version of the original console. However, unlike the Xbox One S, it has no notable performance or feature upgrade over the standard system. That's right, it's just the regular ol' PS4 you know and probably love but in a more compact package. It is no 4K or HDR functionalities whatsoever. Smaller size aside, other cosmetic modifications include a lightbar at the top, more space between the front-facing USB ports, and the removal of the optical port. Sony says the Slim will be the standard PlayStation 4 moving forward, selling alongside the new, more capable PS4 Pro. The PS4 Slim releases in September 15, 2016, for $299/£259 for units with a 500GB hard drive. Are you interested in it?

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