Silent Hill Returns as a Cheesy Slot Machine

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Silent Hill Slot Machine

In what will be considered one of the most upsetting reveals of 2015, Silent Hill is back, not as the survival horror game you wanted but rather as a cheesy slot machine that few will likely play.

That’s right, instead of the next-gen Silent Hill game you’ve been praying for, you get a slot machine with icons based on the Silent Hill franchise! Unsurprisingly, Silent Hill fans are not amused, showing their disdain by disliking the Slot Machine’s reveal trailer by the thousands on YouTube and leaving nasty comments. They are upset that the once-respected franchise has been reduced to noting more than a 2-bit coin-popper that grannies will play until they fall over. See the trailer... [youtube] Many expected Silent Hill to be turned into a series of mobile games at the least, but I guess the top brass at Konami figured a slot machine would have been better. There are even concerns that the company’s other franchises would end up being abused in a similar manner. Can you imagine a Metal Gear Solid slot machine? Made by Japanese company Takasago, the Silent Hill slot machine releases in Japan in October 2015. How does it existence make you feel?

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