Should Fallout 4 be Set in New Orleans or Florida?

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Fallout 4 Speculations abound as everyone waits impatiently for concrete details on Fallout 4, with even several developers of the original Fallout chiming in on what we can expect from the upcoming open-ended, action role-playing game. Scott Campbell and Rusty Buchert are credited for creating the Fallout universe, so we would be remiss to dismiss whatever they have to say about Fallout 4, even though they might not be working on it. In a Reddit Q&A session with fans, the two devs discussed a bit about the game’s possible locations. Campbell figured that Russia or Australia would be great places to set Fallout 4, but then remembered that those locations were already “taken” by Metro and Mad Max. He finally settled on Florida, believing that some “mutant alligators” and “swamp hillbilly raiders on fan boats” would be great additions to the Fallout universe. Buchert, on the other hand, believes a place in New Orleans would be more suitable, stating “For me Naw’lins… Cajun Cannibals, incursions by the Alamo Brigade, the Disciples of Baron Samehdi, and nobody ever comes back from Shreveport.” In addition to talking about possible locations, the duo shared a bit about the games that inspired the development of the original Fallout... “I think the biggest inspirations for Fallout were The Road Warrior, the pencil-and-paper RPG Gamma World, and of course Wasteland. I still love all three to this day,” Campbell said. Lastly, if you’re concerned about Bethesda screwing up Fallout 4, don’t worry -- Campbell and Buchert are happy with what they did with Fallout 3 and are confident the upcoming game will turn out just as well, if not better. While Fallout 4 remains very much a mystery game, we nevertheless want to know what you expect to see from it. Better yet, where in the world should it be set? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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