Sega Will Make Wii's Bayonetta Xbox One Backwards Compatible?

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Bayonetta 2

With more publishers signing up to make their games Xbox One backwards compatible, Sega may bring Wii U-exclusive Bayonetta along for the party.

Microsoft needs permission from publishers before making their games backwards compatible. According to Engadget Japan, Sega wants to support Xbox One backwards compatibility by making Bayonetta playable on the system. ALSO SEE: Future Xbox 360 Games with Gold Titles Will be Backwards Compatible on Xbox One The game has apparently been scheduled, but a release date was not revealed. Many Xbox 360 games will be playable for Xbox One owners starting November 2015 via a new system software update. The fact that Bayonetta is a Wii U game is an indication that Microsoft’s console night get more titles that were previously exclusive to Nintendo’s consoles and even the PlayStation 3. Another Japanese company, Qute, has been in talks with Microsoft about bringing Ginga Force to the Xbox 360 and we imagine others are considering making their games Xbox One backwards compatible. Unfortunately, Sony has no plans to make the PlayStation 4 backwards compatible, believing that the feature offers no value to gamers. Do you agree?

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